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Founded in 2002, by Allan Craw, with the purpose in mind to provide quality, personal service to our clients regarding their particular projects and goals.

In 2016 we moved from being a Sole Proprietor, to a Pty, All Stainless and Shade (Pty) Ltd.

We decided to remain trading as Access and Rigging Services due to our well established Client Base that we had built up over the previous 14 years.

Meet The Team

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Allan Craw

Operations Manager
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Arno Janse van Rensburg

Installations Manager
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Vusi Skoti

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Andries Visser

Stores / Sales Manager
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Lennox Sejosengwe

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Catherine Gray

Office Manageress/ Accounts

Geraldine, Brentwood Gardens Body Corporate

1 June 2020 (During Lockdown)

It was good to put a face (albeit only half as the other half was covered!!!) to the voice!  Your guys have come and gone, so now you need to send an invoice for the work done so that we can pay it. 

I’d just like to mention that I was very impressed with your team leader.  He was pleasant, helpful and efficient, understood and followed the processes w.r.t. sanitization, and was in complete charge of the crew, who themselves got on with the job as soon as they got here.  The work was completed quietly without fuss or interruption to the work-from-home residents or learners.  The only disturbance was from my dachshund who thought he had to protect me from the strange people on ladders who were invading the place!! 

You can be very satisfied with the way they worked.   Please pass on my thanks to them all.

This is the perfect time to get gutters done, especially as there are still some sunny days ahead, and I hope that your company will gain benefit from this and that work will start to come in soon.  I also pray for good health among all you staff so that they can continue to earn money to feed their families


19 August 2020

Excellent - 5 out of 5 *'s

Needing guard rails for outside steps we contacted Allan of 'Access and Rigging Services'.

The service was prompt, efficient and professional. Pricing was reasonable and competitive and the work done was of the highest standard.

I can unhesitatingly give 'Access and Rigging Services' the highest possible recommendation.

S. Bacon

30 August 2020

***** 5 Stars

Service "Par Excellence".

As an owner of a smallholding I am dependent on borehole water. From time to time there is a problem with the borehole pump and it needs to be removed for inspection. I have a small hand winch that employs a 2mm stainless steel cable for removal purposes. I recently had to employ this winch to remove the borehole pump which had an electric motor that had failed. After lifting the pump approx 200mm the stainless steel cable snapped. This was the first time that this had occurred in over 40 years of service. The break had occurred a short distance above the pump and the nature of the break suggested that the stainless steel cable had failed from fatigue. I did not want to re-use the old stainless steel cable for fear of it failing again. Unfortunately, I found it difficult to identify a supplier of stainless cable with such a small diameter and flexible enough to wrap around a 30mm diameter drum. After a number of days of searching I stumbled onto Access and Rigging Services in Cape Town. My first surprise was that I obtained a response from Allan Craw at a time when most people would have settled down to watch their favourite TV program after a day at work. This was not the only after hours response that I received from Allan. It was a pleasure dealing with someone who obviously was able to appreciate the demands that my problem posed. The service I received from Access and Rigging Services was as though I was the only customer they had in the world. Understanding, that I would not have a supply of my own water until the stainless cable arrived in Johannesburg from Cape Town, then this high level of service is obvious. What makes the service from Access and Rigging Services even more outstanding is that this company provides safe rope access services to the commercial, civil & industrial industries. Doing work on structural steel installations, general maintenance, shadesails and the list goes on and on. And Access and Rigging Services provided service "par excellence" to get a mere 60m of 2mm diameter stainless steel cable to Gauteng in the shortest conceivable period of time.

Thanks very much to Catherine Gray and Allan Craw at All Stainless and Shade t/a Access and Rigging Services for all their efforts.

J. Dames

March 2019


Professional and friendly service. Thank you Allan, Arno and the rest of the team! My doggies can finally have some shade during the day!

C. Nortje

February 2018


What an awesome crew to work with- great attitude and highly professional, efficient and great workmanship! We could not recommend them enough. Thank you

Mr. F. Velaers

May 2021

The best company I have dealt with. Always extremely friendly and helpful, plus they do excellent jobs.